Housing for Poultry

Open-sided poultry houses are very popular in our country. Except where the temperature is exceptionally low open-sided houses work very satisfactorily and are also preferred for economic reasons. The primary objective of providing housing to poultry is to protect them from sun, rain and predators.

Housing is also essential to provide comfort. Poultry houses should be-well ventilated, reasonably cool in summer and warm during winter, and free from drafts. In hotter parts of the country, the long axis of the house should run from east to west and the sides should face north-south to prevent direct sunshine falling into the house.

In colder parts of the country it is desirable to construct the houses facing south or south-east to get maximum sunlight. The distance between two houses for birds of same age group should be at least 18 m to allow proper ventilation.But the young stock house should be at least 45 to 100 m away from the houses having adult stocks to prevent diseases. To avoid ventilation problem the width of the house should not exceed 9 m in open-sided houses.

The height of the house depends upon temperature of the place. Ordinarily the height of the house should be 24 to 3 m from the foundation to roof line. When height is more it helps to reduce the inside temperature.

Location for poultry

The following are the desirable points to be borne in mind while selecting a location.

Establish the farm preferably in an area where chicks and feed are easily available.

Where there is a source of electricity.

Where there is a possibility of good drainage during monsoon.

Where drinking water is freely available.

Where there is good market nearby.

1. Cage system

2. Deep litter system